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Rs. 20 Per Delivery. That’s all the Zomato Delivery Partners Get

They make your lives easier. Ever bothered asking them how much they earn? Or you never bothered asking them considering the fact that they are just doing their JOB!

Kingson Chingakham



Let us start with a brief introduction of the ‘heroes’ of this story.

They travel long distances to deliver your essentials and food at your doorsteps. Sometimes they travel 3-4 km to pick up your orders and deliver it to you.

When they’re caught in traffic, causing a delay in delivery, we’ll call them to yell and cry out to them. Yet, they listen politely to all our bad-mouthing rage and safely reach out to our orders.

These heroes are none other than the Swiggy and Zomato’s delivery partners who work during the scorching summer heat, get drenched in monsoon and endure the chilly winter to deliver your orders.

I will talk explicitly about the Zomato Delivery Partners in this post. I just met one of the hardworking delivery partners. He came to have my order delivered.

He had trouble finding my location. Due to weak internet connectivity, his navigation didn’t work. He did call me up three to four times to guide him on the route. I even got irritated at one point.

Once he reached the destination, he apologized several times for calling up, worrying I would give him poor ratings. He eventually explained the problems.

Then he asked me one question: “Sir, how much do you pay as delivery charges per order?”

I said, “Usually, its Rs. 40. And, if it’s late night or if it’s raining, it goes up to Rs. 60-70”.

He then asked, “Sir, do you know how much per delivery we get paid?”

“We only earn Rs.20 per delivery. We have to drive beyond 3-4 km at times. Often we have to shed money out of our pockets for additional spending on petrol.

An Anonymous zomato delivery partner

I was shocked and got upset after hearing that. These hardworking delivery partners carry a smile on their faces and eyes that tells you ‘life in the struggle’.

I told him that I usually tip some small amounts on the Zomato app itself. To which, he answered that even though the customers tip the delivery partners, they don’t receive it most of the time.

There’s a lack of clarity whether the tips are passed directly to the respective delivery partner accounts or managed by Zomato by taking a share of it as fee and sending the rest to the delivery partners.

Some of the delivery partners don’t even get to know whether the customers tipped them or not. So, should you still tip on the app?

It’s more convenient and simpler to tip them when they come to deliver your order face to face. As a courtesy, thank the delivery partner for delivering the order and pay any amount that suits you. At least, you know you’ve tipped the delivery partner directly. So, the money does not go in loops (that might not happen if you tip on the app).

Help Them At This Time of Crisis

I believe we all have our challenges and obligations to run our families. Each month we are all constrained by the budget we set. Unfortunately for many employees, the employers have slashed pay because of the pandemic and extreme economic stress. Despite this, I still believe we are in a better position to assist them.

The delivery partners take all the risk of exposure to the novel coronavirus. Even they bear all the risk of passing the virus on to their loved ones. Many of them have no medical benefits. In case if they are provided medical benefits by the organization, at the end of the month, they prefer money than a deduction from their salaries for the health insurance premium.

I saw a case of a cab driver who got COVID-19 and later passed on to his wife and family. He had to sell the car he bought on loan last year to meet the daily needs. He borrowed money from his in-laws, cleared off the loan’s interest, and sold the car. After paying back to his in-laws, he was left with just Rs. 40,000. Since he’s sold the car, he has a hard time figuring out how to handle his family expenses in the months to come.

Some of my friends suggested to him a few crowdfunding platforms where he could generate some support. However, crowdfunding platforms have their own rules and guidelines as well. Some of the famous crowdfunding sites didn’t take up his case. Therefore, expanding the reach of crowdfunding and including these cases is very important.

Support them in whatever capacity you can. It doesn’t automatically mean you just need to give them some money. You can help them with goods such as groceries, clothes, medicines and other essential items. When they come to deliver your order, merely receiving your order and going back to your room won’t help much. They’ve got thousands of stories to tell you. Some of it can be life-changing.

It is okay if you can not support them financially. But it always feels nice to share feelings and experiences with others. This sure gives them solace.

Vincent Van Gogh, the great Dutch painter, once said, “Great things are done by putting together a collection of small things.” Whether big or small, support in any form is impactful!

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