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‘Nobody Accepted My Connect Request on LinkedIn’: Freshers’ Story

Kingson Chingakham



This summer lakhs of students will be graduating from every nook and corner of the country. Some of the students who have been lucky to be a part of top elite universities/institutes have already got jobs through campus recruitments. And there are institutes that do not have arrangements for campus placement. These students look for their career options on their own. have become redundant with too many irrelevant jobs alerts. Indeed have also become non-rewarding. Students have now turned to LinkedIn. LinkedIn gives you a personal touch. Instead of applying for just the jobs, you get the opportunity to interact with job posters, take guidance from industry experts and request for recommendations.

But LinkedIn has proved unhelpful for many freshers. I surveyed 625 postgraduate students from Delhi University. The result has questioned the relevance of LinkedIn among the freshers.

Out of these 625 students, 234 students had completed some internships. So, nearly 63% of the students had no internships. 56% of the students are attempting for Government services and the remaining 46% are targeting to mark their entries in the private sector. Out of this 46%, there are at least 25% who said LinkedIn to be an ideal job hunting platform. The remaining students believe in various groups on Facebook, Whatsapp Group job updates and applying directly on the company’s web portal.

One student commented:

I have been trying to add people on LinkedIn for the last 2 months. I have no work experience and no internships. I only have an educational qualification. It is shocking that in the last 2 months, nobody added me back. What is disheartening the most is sometimes the other person views your profile and ignores it.

All of us on LinkedIn do not want to add randomly all the connection requests we get on a daily basis. We are inclined to add only those which are relevant to our industry and some influential profiles. Now, where do students with no work experience go?

Another student expressed her agony:

I have made peace with myself and have stopped expecting high from Linkedin. Since most of the connection requests do not get responses, I have resorted to InMail. I message directly to the Job Posters or the person I need to connect. For the first month, it was free. But I exhausted all my free 5 InMails within 5 days.

She further said,

In order to get more InMails, you need to purchase it. The premium account will cost you Rs. 1,400 per month. I really do not understand, how can a student afford Rs. 1,400 per month? I strongly believe that LinkedIn should be more lenient when it comes to premium pricing for recent graduates and students.

We all know the necessity to connect with relevant people on LinkedIn. We all are in a hurry to get some jobs and start earning. But we have to put ourselves in the other person’s shoes and understand their viewpoint too. We should not get disheartened and be offended if someone you wanted to connect views your profile and ignores. We should learn not to get offended. It is just a social media platform.

What can the worst possible thing happen to you if nobody adds you back? It’s nothing serious. LinkedIn adds hundreds of Jobs every day, if you find something suitable for yourselves, just apply it! You do not require personal connections to apply for jobs. But I do agree that a lot of personal accounts have job updates, which will be visible only if the post is made public or only if you are in the job poster’s connection.

A personal note while sending a connect request helps. Express why you have sent a connect request. A small message will help you to get a good response. Try to engage in post writings and use various hashtags. This will also help to get some followers. You should also actively participate in others post too- like, share and comment. By doing so, your profile will be visible to the others. You can also follow the pages of different companies and organizations to get job updates.

You can not build a good network in one day. You have to take small steps every day. This problem is not only student specific. There are plenty of working people who are struggling to network on LinkedIn. I will end this article with one sweet note from a student:

I wanted to connect with one person who had reached the maximum limit to add on LinkedIn. But he had the courtesy to send me a message apologizing for his inability to add back due to LinkedIn’s policy. He wished me good luck and shared his e-mail address. I felt really good.

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